In all our delivery centers, we work closely together with local universities for training and internships, keeping a strong link between the curriculum and real life practice.

In our internship programs, that takes place during summer, we offer an individual approach to students, with the possibility to work for us in the future. The individual approach means that each practitioner has a personal mentor. We believe that this method is the most efficient one, as it gives students the required attention, which is crucial for acquiring knowledge and new skills. Students who pass our internship selection will be working closely together with one of our teams, having the opportunity to be close to real life projects.

If you choose to participate in our Internship program for 2018, these are the benefits that we provide:

  • An individual approach and a personal mentor
  • The latest technologies and methodologies
  • Real life projects
  • A highly stimulating and fun working environment
  • A solid career opportunity
  • Great colleagues to learn from and work with

For next year’s Internship program, please submit your application until the 1stĀ of June 2018.